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Teaching Room Equipment

Teaching Room Database

The University of Waikato Teaching Rooms database holds information about the features in the teaching rooms at the University of Waikato. There are currently two basic searches you can make of the database.

“Room Search”: If you select a room (or rooms) from the list box, the search will return a list of all the features of that room (or rooms). “Features” are usually things that you will find useful in the room e.g. a computer, a data projector or a overhead projector etc.

“Feature Search”: If you select a certain feature (or features) you would like e.g. Data Projector, the search will return a list of all the rooms with that feature (or features). If you pick multiple features, the search will return what rooms have the individual features, and also what rooms have BOTH those features (i.e. all features are in one particular room – if any).

General Information

  1. If the teaching room is equipped with a PC, the PC will have a standard set of programs on it that teaching staff use e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and the Panopto recorder.
    When you log into the computer they will all connect to your Home share.
  2. You can assume that all teaching rooms have a whiteboard in them. We sometimes make reference to mobile whiteboards but this may be an extra feature in the room.
  3. Most PC’s in the teaching rooms have an optical drive that will play DVD’s. So although a room may be shown as not having a DVD player specifically, it is likely the PC will be able to play one for you.
  4. Most centrally timetabled teaching rooms that have a computer in them have an application called Panopto installed.  Some lecturers will be familiar with Panopto as the software that they use to video record their lectures.  In the teaching room database, some of these rooms are recorded as “Lecture Video Capture (Panopto)” and will record the lecture via a camera i.e. record the lecturer and the content is also recorded (e.g. a PowerPoint).

    Other teaching rooms (ones without a camera) can still be used to record a lecture but only audio (i.e. what the lecturer is saying) and content (e.g. a PowerPoint). These other rooms are not specifically tagged with this feature in the teaching room database, but you can assume they are capable of this.   If you want to use one of these other rooms, you need to contact ITS Service Desk on 4008 to arrange a microphone that you take to the room and plug in.  ALWAYS test a new room before your lecture is due.


This page is a guide to some of the presentation technology staff members may find in the University teaching rooms. Some people get confused with the often varied terminology used in describing this equipment. On this page there are pictures of the equipment and a short description of it to help with identifying what it is for.


Data Projector
Used to project your computer/laptop,
DVD etc onto the rooms projection screen

Document Camera

Document Camera
Used to project printed material e.g. books,
 A4 printouts onto the rooms projection screen

Booking Equipment

If the Audio Visual Equipment you require is not permanently located in the room, (check the Teaching Rooms database) you can book to have the equipment delivered for your lecture. See here for details. If this delivery is for the whole of a semester you should contact Central Timetable on ext 8020 to see if you can be permanently moved to a room with the required equipment already installed.