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Resource Facilities

Course Video Resources

Some papers require students to view specified video for assignment work. Lecturers may place DVD copies of these viewings at the Service Counter for loan. Students may borrow these DVDs overnight to view at home or in suitable computer labs on campus. Lecturers who wish to use this service are responsible for ensuring the DVDs have been provided to the counter. For copyright reasons, only students enrolled in the specific papers may borrow these resources.

Edit Suites

There is one separate edit suite in the ITS building to support the TV studio. It is a PC platform running Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud. It is available for use by staff or students when not being used for class activities. Other edit suites are provided by the screen and media department in J Block.

TV Studio

The Television Studio is a major facility of the University being a fully equipped 3 camera video studio with lighting grid. It is operated for those courses which incorporate media production and communication, and for filming teaching resource material.

TV Studio

TV Studio

TV Studio Booth

TV Studio booth

The studio is available for other uses by negotiation. Operation requires a minimum of 2 crew, who must be suitably trained in its use. ITS staff may be available with sufficient notice on a case by case basis.

TV Studio Training Notes

Please read the ITS Television Studio Training Notes which covers usage, health & safety, log-in and equipment information for first time use of the studio.

S.G.15 Mini Studio

The S.G.15 Mini Studio is intended for staff to produce short videos for teaching purposes. It has been set up with special attention to user-friendly features to allow its use with minimal technician support. It is not available for student use. Simple pre-programmed settings allow easy chromakey (Green Screen), picture –in – picture presentations or a simple piece to camera. ITS can provide advice on how to get the best results out of your teaching material using this facility.

Video Production Facilities

ITS has several Video studio facilities. These can be used to prepare Videos suitable to use as teaching materials. The following videos explain the capabilities of each facility. For more information on these, and advice on which would be most suitable for your needs, contact the ITS Service Desk.

ITS TV Studio

S.G.15 Mini Studio

Loan Equipment

If you are also using any of the loan equipment please check out the Loan Policy and the Equipment Turoial Videos..